Join our Pilot Program

You will get access to exclusive products, software features, and competitive pricing. These are beta versions of our products. It will have bugs and will be imperfect. We WELCOME tester feedbacks! We want to make this add value to your science lab, so tell us your thoughts about our product so we can improve it!

Innovate with us

Be at the forefront of scientific equipment development


Enjoy a steep discount on beta products

Make a Difference

Your opinions on how to improve our products will help future revisions of our smart devices

How the Pilot Program Works

Step 1

You get the opportunity to purchase our beta products at a steep discount

Step 2

You give us feedback on how our products and software perform

Step 3

We revise our product or software to incorporate your feedback (the best we can)

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2-3 for the duration of the pilot program