ALT Smart Gel

Make your horizontal gel electrophoresis SMARTER!

An internet-connected smart gel electrophoresis top cover that enables real-time monitoring of your experiments! Our patent-pending design incorporates a high-definition camera to track the dye as it travels through the gel matrix. This all-in-one solution cuts the power to the gel electrophoresis box once the dye crosses an imaginary line that you set. The SmartGel can be controlled through a smartphone app, tablet app and web UI (user interface).

Image Tracking

Let our advanced image processing algorithms take over that long, dull, boring experiment so you can go do something else productive.

Works by tracking the dye as the sample travels through the gel matrix. 

Automatically shuts down the electrical connection between the gel box and power supply once the dye reaches a specific point.

Notification to the scientist through the ALT app. 


Your science lab.
At your finger tips.

This is you taking back control of your science lab. 

Do more.

Effortlessly run multiple experiments simultaneously. Our intelligent cloud-based analytical system will monitor your experiments for you.

Another Great New Feature.

Get notified

You have other tasks to do throughout the day. Let our smart products monitor your experiments for you. You’ll receive a notification upon completion of the experiment.



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