ALT Smart Cast B1A

The horizontal gel electrophoresis setup you need made from patent-pending high-quality, high-heat, corrosive-resistant specialty plastic.

Kit Includes:

-ALT Smart Cast B1A box (uses 99.95% Platinum Wire)
-ALT Smart Cast B1A top cover
-ALT Smart Cast B1A gel tray
-Gaskets for the ALT Smart Cast B1A gel tray
-ALT Smart Cast gel comb 10 tooth - 1.5mm
-Power wires

Product Features


Using modern manufacturing techniques, we can now offer more affordable scientific instruments.


Increased structural durability from our patent-pending design.


Operates identically to the competition.


Your work is unique, why not show it. Available in multiple colors and designs.


An industry first, fully repairable design.


The SmartCast B1A is fully compatible with the SmartGel B1A.

Durable and affordable horizontal gel electrophoresis

Now available with a transparent lid!

Replacement Parts for Smart Cast B1A

Need a replacement? We’ve got you covered! Contact us!.


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