ALT Smart Temp

Make your freezer or incubator SMARTER!

The ALT Smart Temp is a detachable sensor that connects to the Nucleus via the Universal Scientific Sensor Port.

The ALT Smart Temp is an affordable, internet-connected temperature and humidity detector that can be inserted into any -20-80 C freezer or 100 C incubator.

Temperature irregularities will be sent as a notification via our iOS/Android app.

Conveniently disable the alarms for maintenance of the fridge or incubator.

An optional add-on ‘open door’ sensor learns your habits to reduce false alarms of irregular temperature notifications. The ‘open door’ sensor also alerts the user if the door to your freezer or incubator is ajar.

Your science lab.
At your finger tips.

This is you taking back control of your science lab. 

Do more.

Effortlessly monitor multiple freezers or incubators simultaneously. Our intelligent cloud-based analytical system will monitor your equipment for you.

Another Great New Feature.

Get notified

You have other tasks to do throughout the day. Let our smart products monitor your precious samples for you. You’ll receive a notification if temperature irregularities occur


Don’t forget to pick up an ALT Nucleus

The Smart Sensor cannot operate alone without the ALT Nucleus.

The ALT Nucleus is the ‘brain’ of ALT’s platform technology which
sends communication, provides power, and performs basic control of the Smart Sensor. 


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