Congratulations on your purchase! Automated Laboratory Technologies (“Manufacturer”) provides a Manufacturer Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) for Original Equipment Manufacturered products (“Product”) for sale in the United States of America and select international locations (“Covered Countries”).

The “Warranty Period” defined:
• Initiates two weeks after the Product was shipped from the Manufacturer.
• The first ninety (90) days for the Product
• The first ninety (90) days for accessories sold or included in the sale of the Product.
• During the Warranty Period, the Manufacturer will, in a reasonable amount of time, provide a solution to the defect free of charge by either replacing the defective Product or defective part of the Product.
• Things not included in the Warranty Period: calibration, certification or installation of the product. Gaskets, pre-installed software, normal wear-and-tear, reduced battery capacity due to natural properties of said batteries, error caused by mis-use, error caused by not reading/understanding the operating manual, or consumables are also not included in the Warranty Period.
• No replacement or replacement of Product or parts of Product will renew the Warranty Period.
• Products or parts of Products that are replaced will become Manufacturer’s property.
• You must inform the Manufacturer of said defects before the Warranty Period expires.


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